by bit lips

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released August 9, 2013



all rights reserved


bit lips Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: stranger thoughts
I guess you've seen me looking
from across the room
we both know, I shouldn't
but it's no sin to be tempted

you look so powerless
your doubts are being broadcast on
rare frequencies
and I see you look to see if they've

been received
and when you catch me
you know
I can see it

it's limitless
the list of things you could do with
nobody there
but with someone in mind

I don't need
to touch you
to feel you shake
and you won't ever
find me
or learn my name
and yet your dreams are my
my playground
I climb all over
and I slide down
Track Name: wallower
sometimes, I think
I think I'm complete
-ly full
of it
and I just want someone to call me out
on all of it

but no
they lap it up
they chew their cud
they lick their lips
and grin

dripping shit from the maw
dropping names like dead skin
with complaints that ring true
but with modesty false
now maybe I'm just crazy
maybe I don't know
but it sure seems like they like

right up, right up, right up

into ego balloons
with pin pricks and slow leaks
needing lips and hot air
just to get to their

oh, I'm so sick
of this circle jerk
that I say
"forget the carrot,
give me the whip"

but I only ever ask for it timidly
cause you are
what you eat
and if we've got
a history
you know what that makes me